Good Luck Traditions for New Years from Around the World

Good Luck Traditions for New Years from Around the World


From feet to fire to fireworks, here are some of the most popular New Year's traditions from around the world that will bring you good luck in the coming year [and we could use all the luck we can get] !


  • United States: black-eyed peas and leafy greens
    • Prosperity: The plump cooked peas = fat coins and the leafy greens = bundles of paper money.
    • Protection: The eyes on the peas are said to ward off evil and protect the consumer.
    • Easy black-eyed peas and leafy green recipes here.

    • Asia: noodles
      • Longevity: The long length of noodles symbolize a long life.
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        • Germany: donuts or pretzels
          • Full Circle: The infinite shape symbolizes the year coming full circle and the start of something new [sometimes a coin or mystery filling - like mustard! - is put into the food as a surprise].
          • Easy donut and pretzel recipes here. 






          • Spain & Latin America: grapes
            • Good Luck: 12 grapes at midnight - one wish for each month of the year! 





              • China: dumpings
                • Good Fortune: The shape of dumplings resemble gold bars.





                • Philippines: coins 
                  • Prosperity: People throw coins into pots of water to symbolize incoming abundance.
                  • DIY dollar store vase into a custom high end finish.


                    • Central & South America: underwear
                      • Love: red underwear
                      • Luck: yellow underwear

                      • Netherlands: wishes
                        • Wishes: Write down your wishes for the New Year on a piece of paper and burn them to set them into the world.


                        • Most Celebrated Traditions:
                          • Dressing up to start off the New Year with your best food forward.
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                            • Fireworks & firecrackers to scare off the bad and welcome the good.
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                              • Champagne toast to hopes of a fabulous future.
                                • Sealed with a kiss to strengthen the relationship's bond going into a new chapter.

                            Are you favorite traditions on this list? Do you have one that we are missing?


                            Cheers and Happy New Year!


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